Oh! The misunderstanding!

Kiyoko said: Mar 23, 2013
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Why is the Suzuki Method becoming so misunderstood?


Phankao said: Mar 24, 2013
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I find it a little strange that she introduces note values as “long sounds”, “short sounds” … surely even very little kids would understand that and can go straight into referring them as “crochets, quavers, minims, semibreves, semiquavers”? And to highlight all the musical terms on the score. They learn to read notes quite quickly.

The only thing that irks me is the tone of her writing.

Phankao said: Mar 26, 2013
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I actually commented on her post with my experience, but her replies are so resolute on her own views.

Why does she keep saying that suzuki piano students learn by “copying”. Am I missing something here? She says its is the main premise of Suzuki Piano Teaching, and she has read it all in the Suzuki Books. I didn’t want to comment on that because I must’ve missed out that part of Dr Suzuki’s books?

Where does it say the suzuki students are taught to play by “copying”? And thus become a “carbon-copy”?

She even agrees with me in this latest post that Children Learn to Speak their Mother Tongue by listening, then speaking BEFORE reading. But…. again, she makes the presumption that children of ages averaging 3yrs “cannot” be reading yet. So when they learn music, they would not read notation. Hmmm…. Too sweeping. Gee, even among my kids, I have early speakers (2months old?!) and early readers (before 10mths old), as well as late speakers (over 2yrs) and late readers (past 7yrs).

Sooooo…. likewise, in the learning of music, if we follow Dr Suzuki’s mother tongue approach, the child learns by listening, even in-utero. Then later learn to “speak” (sing, play? eg. my son was picking up tunes and playing it on his toy glockenspiel and also on my piano)…. then later on, they would pick up reading (notation) …. like in reading literature, there can be early readers and late readers, I’d think?! My elder boy could read musical notation 2months after starting formal lessons. My younger one is starting to read notation around 1yr after starting formal lessons.

Once again, how is it such a big deal for her to keep emphasizing that Suzuki Piano students learn by “copying”? Maybe someone can clarify if this really is the Piano method for Suzuki? Because that certainly is not my experience with our Suzuki Tr. If I go by this “Kirsten’s Definition”, then my child’s Suzuki Piano Tr is not a “purist”. LOL.

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