Current music with classical music among the students.

Ercan said: Mar 10, 2013
Ercan BaŞSuzuki Early Childhood Education
Tokat, Turkey
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In the minds of the always popular songs. Classic play for them one of the old repetition. Finished in style. The new things they want. Rap or gagnam etc. Classical music is a two striking example is made, then they these requests were fulfilled.

ok, yes for every age music

Jennifer Visick said: Jul 4, 2013
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Sometimes I take requests from students about pop songs they want to play, or movie music. Sometimes I give them melodies from the movies that I think are particularly fun or that fit well on a string instrument. (After all, if they ever grow up and want to be a studio musician, they’ll need to be familiar with the idioms, cliches & rhythmic idiosyncrasies of film music, anyways).

I know a piano teacher who used to motivate her students (decades ago) by saying that they could learn how to play a Beatles song for every four songs they mastered from the teacher’s classical pedagogical repertoire.

Lori Bolt said: Jul 5, 2013
Lori BoltPiano
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I do allow some of non-Suzuki choices to my middle school and older students.
At their age, it may be a question of just getting them to continue to study, so the popular/movie pieces can help motivate….and are often very challenging learning pieces too! My only problem is that these pieces can also be very time consuming due to the varied rhythms and genres, taking up more lesson time than I like…leaving less for the foundational classics.

Lori Bolt

Anita said: Jul 5, 2013
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My kids started doing TV themes on their own. They heard the Transformers theme so many times, my youngest just picked up his violin one day and figured it out. Played it over the phone for all his nanas and tatas, tias and tios. They loved it! Even better, there are as many variations of this “theme” as there are variations of the TV series, which is to say, practically endless.

I took my cue from them and we moved on to the Star Wars themes this summer, notably the New Hope and Darth Vader’s theme, again to raging success with the relatives. They’re working on the Clone Wars TV theme, now.

Bottom line: It’s very motivating for both my kiddos to get praise from friends and family for playing tunes everyone recognizes and loves. It keeps them coming back to their violins, willingly. We only use up lesson time when we hit a snag, or need to ask a question or two of our private instructor. They learn a lot and it stretches their note-reading skills, when we use the sheet music to learn a theme.


Community Youth Orchestra Of S CA said: Jul 5, 2013
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I improvise variations on themes from video games for my students…mainly Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo).

When they ask “how do you DO that!?,” I explain to them that it’s simply a matter of rhythm, scales, and chords, and that there isn’t a secret to them other than understanding how the music is put together, and learning to play their instruments.

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