Ankle Hurts


Alicia said: Mar 2, 2013
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I just started teaching a student to begin using the pedal. However, she said that it hurts her ankle when she pedals. This is apparently hereditary as her mom also has the same problem. I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas as to how to address this problem?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Alicia Reid
Suzuki Piano Teacher
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Diane Briscoe said: Mar 4, 2013
Diane Briscoe
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Gatineau, QC
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Is the pedal too high off the ground? Trying putting a book or something underneath the pedal. Or wear shoes with a heel. Is the foot properly placed on the pedal? Base of the toes, not just the ends of the toes. Are the toes curled up and tense….? Heel stays on the floor? Is the pedal stiff and needs adjusting? Sometimes angling the foot slightly to the right—for damper pedal- gives better control (and less tension?) Is the foot slipping off the pedal and the student is trying to hang on? Try non-slip shoes. Good Luck!

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