Navigating the forum—looking for past posts on specific topics

Angela said: Feb 15, 2013
Angela Villanueva
Suzuki Association Member
Cello, Viola, Violin
Naples, FL
25 posts

I am still trying to learn to navigate this discussion forum. How do I look up previous posts about chamber music? Any help would really be appreciated.

Angie Trochessett
Suzuki cello and violin teacher
Naples, Florida

Angie Villanueva

Barb said: Feb 15, 2013
Barb Ennis
Suzuki Association Member
678 posts

Do you see the search field above? Put the topic you are looking for in there. It will search the entire site. If it gives you too many results, click on “advanced” search and choose “comments and discussion” which is only the forum or comments on articles, I think.

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Kiyoko said: Mar 20, 2013
 84 posts

Anyway to make the search available on the mobile version of the site?

Jenny said: Mar 22, 2013
 98 posts

Hi Kiyoko,

I’ll work on adding the search box to the mobile site—thanks for the suggestion!

Kiyoko said: Mar 22, 2013
 84 posts

Awesome! Thanks!

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