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Heather Reichgott said: Feb 11, 2013
Heather ReichgottPiano
South Hadley, MA
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Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me out with attributions for “Arietta” by Mozart in Suzuki Piano book 2, and “May Time” by Mozart in Suzuki Cello Book 2. I have been searching for years for any information about “Arietta” or any mention of it unconnected to the Suzuki book. “May Time” I only recently heard for the first time. Does anyone know what these pieces are? Presumably they must be extracts of larger pieces as they don’t appear in the Koechel catalogue, at least not by those titles. (The Minuet in F that used to be in Book 2 is there, of course, K. 2.)

Sophia said: Feb 15, 2013
Sophia Kim
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Vancouver, BC
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By the way, there is an excellent book called the Mozart Effect. It’s been in print for a long time and it’s a wonderful resource.

Barb said: Mar 8, 2013
Barb Ennis
Suzuki Association Member
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I found it! I was wondering about May Time, too. This morning I heard a familiar bit in Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27 on the radio, so I looked it up….

“The principal theme for finale was also used in Mozart’s song “Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling” (also called “Komm, lieber Mai”), K. 596, which immediately follows this concerto in the Köchel catalogue.”

It probably would have been easier to just ask my German friends, but never thought of it at the right time. May Time is also called Song of May in another publication.

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Heather Reichgott said: Mar 11, 2013
Heather ReichgottPiano
South Hadley, MA
95 posts

Thank you!
Pianists, any clues about Arietta?

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