Summer institute with siblings

Jessi Schwartz said: Feb 3, 2013
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Just curious how the summer institutes work for families with multiple kids. I have a 6 year old in book one on flute. Her 4-year old sister is going to be starting violin this spring. I would like to take them to the green mountain institute this summer-one of the few that is driving distance for us and has both flute and violin-but am wondering what it would be like with 2 little ones there. Also would it be fun for my husband to come with our 2 other kids who wouldn’t be participating or would it be better to leave them home?

Melanie Drake said: Feb 3, 2013
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I’ve taken my kids (then 5 and 8) to an institute. At these ages, it was doable. The director said that there are several families with 4-5 kids that do this. In this case, it’s obviously impossible to be with each kid at all times. If you let them know (if you’ll be the only parent attending), they may be able to consider your situation when scheduling your classes. In my case, I was mostly with my younger son but I was sure to attend my older son’s master class each day. It was exhausting. My kids fell asleep on the way home almost every day. It worked, but I felt like a slacker when I couldn’t be at my older son’s group classes. At least with flute and violin, you may end up with less stuff to carry around. (We had a cello, cello stool, and guitar.) :) If possible, choosing the same elective(s) for both kids may make things much easier.

I’m not sure if it would be fun for the other siblings. Maybe if it were one of the “destination” institutes.

Kiyoko said: Feb 5, 2013
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If your husband can come and I would bring them all. One of you can be with the rest of the kids if one has to go to something they all can’t attend, but for the most part, there will be classes and opportunities for all of your young ones to watch if they aren’t participating. Having a second parent there will make it easier if one has to leave the room for a while.

At the age and level of your two eldest, not all of the kids will necessarily be sitting quietly in class anyways. There will likely be other younger siblings watching too.

Just bring plenty of snacks and quiet activities they can do while waiting and watching.

It’s what I saw at Suzuki workshops and Institutes growing up, and hope we will be doing some day soon ourselves.

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