Differences in piano accompaniment books for old & revised editions?

OCS Arts Center said: Jan 24, 2013
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I represent an arts facility that offers private music lessons. I have been charged with the task of purchasing a set of piano accompaniment books for the Suzuki violin, viola and cello methods, books 1-5 for each instrument. These books are to be kept in the Arts Center library and used by our accompanist(s) at quarterly recitals.

After perusing a number of music publisher websites and the forums on this one, I have gathered that original and revised editions are both available. Since we employ an ever-changing group of strings teachers, some of whom use Suzuki more than others, and all of whom supply their own method books, we are interested in purchasing what will be most universally useful to our teachers and students for as long as possible.

Would anyone be willing to help by answering the following questions?
1. Is there any difference in the piano accompaniment books between the old and revised editions?
2. Would the new revised piano accompaniment books be compatible with both the old and revised strings methods books?
3. Have only the violin methods books been revised, or is this also a concern for viola and cello?

Thank you for your consideration of this inquiry.

Hatsuho said: Jan 27, 2013
Hatsuho Kuwayama
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Although I can only give you information about accompaniment books for the violin method, I have been using them extensively for many years, so I hope it will be of some help to you.

In conclusion, if this is the first time you are buying them, I would recommend purchasing revised editions, at least from Volume 1 to 5 (Volume 6 and up are still compatible), since they are revised to help making accompanists’ task easier. I myself bought a set of new edition after using the old one for 20 years. Book 1 and some Book 2 songs include “introduction” part for the accompanist printed at the bottom of the pages. Better page turns seem to have been considered for some pieces. Book 4 now includes the piano part for “Bach Double” which was printed only in Book 5. The new editions are slightly bigger (I forgot what those paper size is called), so the notes are easier to read.

Changes in accordance with the revised violin parts are as follows. Twinkle, the first piece in Book 1 has 5 variations instead of 4, and an alternative accompaniment for the Theme is newly added to the existing one. May Song(No.6, Volume1) eliminated repeat sign whereas Minuet (No.2, Volume 3) added some repeat signs and, somehow they have changed the piano part completely. I personally think the old version was more musical, though. Some of the early Book one songs have added few new chords to the melody lines, which is not really a big deal as to deciding to by a new edition, but The biggest change was the new repertoire (Perpetual Motion,”Little Suite No.6″) that is added to Volume 4.

If I have missed any , could somebody else please tell us?
I would very much like to know about new accompaniment editions for viola and cello, too.

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