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Barb said: Jan 22, 2013
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Something that came up regarding brain development on the teacher’s board led me to search “growth spurt brain disconnect” which lead me to Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children by Dr. Robert Melillo.

I think this has been somewhat of an issue for a student of mine, and thought that if there are other teachers or parents dealing with some of these issues they might be interested.

He talks about ADHD, autism, dyslexia.. and says the underlying issue is an imbalance in the brain.

“They may … lean to one side. This is because they don’t feel their bodies very well.”
“They are uncoordinated and have no sense of timing or rhythm.”
“Many of these children cannot use more than one sense at a time.”
“They may not like to be touched or may be sensitive to certain sounds or smells.”
“It is not uncommon… to have a problem processing both hearing and vision.”

The program Dr. Melillo prescribes “combines physical exercise and mental exercise with sensory stimulation to get the right and left sides of the brain to reconnect, strengthen, and grow new connections.”

The whole book isn’t online, and I don’t know how his program works, but I thought it relevant that he says the brain CAN change, and refers to Einstein and his playing music when thinking out math problems—saying how this combination of brain use and sensory stimulation strengthened and grew new brain connections.

My experience was that a kid with a very poor sense of rhythm at age 6 was told he had a very natural sense of rhythm two years into his lessons by a music festival adjudicator. It took about that long for him to sit without leaning or twisting, but he sits straight now. Four years into lessons he is still somewhat uncoordinated, his hands still want to squeeze, I still need to remember to make sure I have his full attention before I talk, and he still surprises me with his unusual connections… but he IS improving and learning. Every child can.

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