Searching for Humoresque/Swanee river for violin and Hunters' Chorus advanced harmony


Kelli said: Jan 18, 2013
Kelli Ingels
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Hello teachers! I am planning a group performance.

I am familiar with the viola arrangement of Humoresque with Swanee River. Does anyone know if there is a violin arrangement available to purchase?

Also, I have heard advanced students at institutes play an accompaniment to Hunters’ Chorus. Does anyone know where I can find that harmony?

I am also wanting to do Ashokan Farewell with a violin/ viola group, and I could add 2 cellos if needed. Has anyone found an arrangement that would work for that?


Laura said: Jan 20, 2013
Laura Mozena
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I have a violin version of Swannee River duet for violin that I transposed myself to the treble clef. I also have, a Hunter’s Chorus duet that was given to me at an institute years ago. I’m not even sure where it came from originally. I would be willing to email you scanned PDF’s if you are interested. Shoot me a message to [javascript protected email address]. In the meantime I will look into a Ashokan for string quartet. It’s possible that one of my distributors has it and I could place a special order.


Lisa said: Jan 21, 2013
Lisa HollisViolin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Viola
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The Swanee river duet is in Betsy Stuenwalker’s Violas in Concert series. I don’t know if there is violin transposition available for purchase. An advanced duet for Hunters’ Chorus (fast 16th note version) is in William Starr’s 77 Variations. There is also a duet version (not as hard) in the Fun for 2 Violins (can’t remember which volume) by Marianne Rygner.

Hope this helps!

Tina Raimondi said: Jan 23, 2013
Tina Raimondi
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I have a Humoresque/Swanee River duet that I believe comes from Rob Richardson in Brandon, Manitoba. He had students at a local workshop play it. I can scan and email to anyone who is interested. Message me privately, and I will send it on.

I also had a cool Hunter’s Chorus duet that came from Ronda Cole’s studio, but I am not sure I can find it. I will try.


Jennifer Visick said: Feb 23, 2013
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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That Hunter's Chorus duet part from Ronda Cole's studio, I've gotten it from her and I think Susan Kempter also handed it out too. I think one of Ronda Cole's students composed it? The photocopy I have from Susan has no attribution on it but the copy I have from Ronda has"E. Esty" as arranger. Also I've got a penciled in note at the top that indicates she (Ronda) has students around the book 4 level playing that part.

The Rygner Hunter's Chorus is in her book 1. It looks do-able by a mid-book 2 student.

…Also Kerstin Wartberg has easier duet/trio parts in her "Mein Trio Buch" (for all pieces in Suzuki violin books 1-2). Those would be on the easier side; a book 1 student could handle her easiest part.

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