Little Violinst by Markov—anyone own it?

Trina Christensen said: Jan 16, 2013
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I have three students playing some pieces from The Little Violinist by Markov. It is now permanently out of print and my piano part got lost by my accompanist. Does anyone own it and can scan the piano part to send to me? Pretty please??

Wendy Caron Zohar said: Jan 16, 2013
Wendy Caron Zohar
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I don’t know this collection, but it must be a gem if you are using it! However, your frustrating story reminds me of a maxim, to never, NEVER! give out one’s own sheet music, to a student or an accompanist, whether it’s the solo part or the accompaniment, but rather make a copy and lend that! Your copy should come back to you, once they have finished with their need for it. Not worth the risk! I wish you the best of luck getting a copy of the accompaniment. Perhaps you should ask the pianist who lost it to help you procure another copy.

Wendy Caron Zohar

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