seating for parents in the studio

Laura Flowers Benson said: Jan 2, 2013
Laura Flowers Benson
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What kind of seating for parents do you provide in your studio? An office chair? Comfortable? Not too comfortable? Straight-back? I’m thinking specifically of the chair that they sit in to take notes during the lesson.

Robin Lohse said: Jan 2, 2013
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I have a simple but comfy lounge chair in my studio for parents relax
in. However some parents do prefer a straight-backed chair. so I do give them options.

Robin Lohse

Teresa said: Jan 2, 2013
Teresa Skinner
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Avoid a couch. While good for a parent with siblings, I have had on more than one occasion a parent that lays down and takes a nap during the child’s lesson.. SERIOUSLY!

…if you listen to the music, it tells you what to do…

Barb said: Jan 2, 2013
Barb Ennis
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Suzukimaui—ME TOO!

I teach in my living room, so I now push my coffee table out of the way and up against the couch. That leaves three comfy chairs and a pretty good floor space for parents/siblings (the kids sometimes play quiet music games on the floor, or stretch out to color). The parents usually take the closest chair—except the one time the cat claimed it. I have also had a parent who preferred to sit in a straight back chair and can easily unfold one should another parent prefer that in the future.

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