Pacing and Tempe

Jasim said: Dec 12, 2012
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How are we to learn the pieces in Suzuki method in regards to tempo?

Do we learn the whole piece in 1 tempo? Some pieces like Bach are easier to play in 1 tempo. However, in books 4-5, with Vivaldi especially, it seems natural to slightly slow down or speed up parts according to the phrase.

In any recording, and even on the CD that comes with the books, the tempo doesn’t beat the same throughout the whole piece. There are obvious changes, and I believe this is called pacing.

Do we learn the piece by memory in the pacing time? Or do we leave the pacing work after the piece is played all in one tempo? i.e. 96bpm I always use a metronome (on mute) while practicing so its always obvious.

What’s challenging is that since we are learning from memory, the memory of the sound in mind and the constant unchanging tempo clash.

The only solution I found myself was to take the average of the slowest and fastest tempo, and apply it to the whole piece. Yet, I am curious how this is properly done. Some music, played in one constant tempo throughout, sounds lifeless, or meaningless, and more like a marching band.

What is your advice? The repertoire in Suzuki gets complex quickly, and so as an adult you notice these sensitivities.

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