Gripping violin with head

Anna said: Oct 24, 2012
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I have a four year old pupil. I’m trying to stop her from gripping the violin too much with her head. She grips it so much she pulls a face when she does it. I try to get her to stand really straight, ask her to swing her arms, put toy tea cups on her violin but it still happens. Any ideas how to stop this?
Thanks nte

Sue Hunt said: Oct 25, 2012
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One of the best cures is to help her into her best playing position and do the “Almost Dropped It Game.” Being allowed to almost drop a violin is usually enough to rivet their attention. The rest is up to you.

-1 Put your hands under, but not touching the violin to catch it in case of accidents.
-2 Ask her to hold it so lightly with her chin that it almost, almost falls on the floor.
-3 Remind her that you won’t let it fall, because your hands are ready to catch it.
-4 Get her mum to do it in the lesson as well, so that there are no trust issues at home.
-5 Set her a practice assignment of doing this game, between her other practice tasks.

It is only after I am sure that a child understands how to make this violin hold, that I introduce Violin Hold Games.

Nora Friedman said: Oct 26, 2012
Nora Friedman
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I was just explaining this concept to a student the other day. I was showing her how the violin should be able to wiggle, and was demonstrating. all of a sudden she exclaimed, “it’s like a loose tooth!” Eureka. I have been using that image with all my students now. How age appropriate . That’s why I love working with children and parents. They give me my best material:-)

Carissa Lewis said: Nov 3, 2012
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These are great ideas! Thank you


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