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Leslie said: Oct 18, 2012
Leslie ThackerayInstitute Director
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My students moved to an area with no Suzuki teacher and want to Skype lessons. Any advice from those with experience?

Leslie Thackeray
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Ruth Brons said: Oct 18, 2012
Ruth Brons
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It’s worth a try, Leslie!

I had a student move to Saudi Arabia a number of years ago (about age 10, Book 3).
He does comes back to the States for 2-3 in lessons with me and a Suzuki Institute each year. He has indeed kept up with his old Group Class peers [now 8th graders, mostly all in Book 8].
We make heavy use of SmartMusic; he has gotten very good at marking up his own music; I mute my computer when I want him to play with me [there is a slight time delay]; and he has even taken ASTA CAP [American String Teachers Association Certificate of Advancement] exams via Skype.

I have also used Skype for lessons with my local students once in awhile, to avoid missing lessons due to severe weather or transportation issues—and these lessons were productive as well.

Robin Lohse said: Oct 18, 2012
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It depends on the age of your children I did many phone lessons years ago
with my daughter who was eleven years old at the time. It was hard at
times. We used a speaker phone for her and another phone for me as well. we
both had the music. As to answer your questions it
is definitely worth trying out. Put the skype on a large screen if
FYI there are many digital books out there such as ones from this would be a great reinforcement
for the teacher who is far away.
Have the teacher upload on youtube the lessons.
good luck

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Robin Lohse

Amber said: Oct 18, 2012
Amber Walton-Amar
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Toronto, ON
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I have one student who moved away and we decided to continue her lessons via Skype. I suggest getting headphones with a small microphone that you can clip onto your shirt, this will prevent feedback. I plug my computer into external speakers so that I can increase the volume. It seems a good idea to try to co-ordinate in person lessons on occasion if possible.
Best wishes!

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