Reminder about Scams on the Internet

Christine Clougherty said: Oct 1, 2012
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Dear Teachers,

Just a reminder about the scams that are out there on the Internet. I received another one last week, this one slightly different and slightly more believable in the first email. But there is always something a little bit “off” with these emails. There is usually travel involved, they can’t meet to observe lessons or have a discussion, they won’t say how they heard of you, they want lessons to start right away for 3 months, and will pay for three months with a check or cashier’s check.

I think, as Suzuki teachers, we are somewhat more protected since we ask folks to come observe lessons, we meet with them, educate them on the Suzuki philosophy, ask them to listen to the CD before starting lessons, etc. So, we are not as likely to take someone’s check without seeing them.

So if you are unsure about an email, write back very briefly, ask how they heard of your studio, let them know you would like them to come observe lessons and have a parent/child/teacher meeting, and don’t give any personal information like your studio address or anything else.

Kelly Williamson said: Oct 1, 2012
Kelly WilliamsonTeacher Trainer
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I have never answered any of these emails. The surest sign that they do not contain an authentic inquiry is that they don’t mention the instrument I teach. If (in addition to the other oddities) someone writes me asking about “your lessons” or for “music lessons” for their child without ever mentioning the flute, clearly it is a generic mailing and not worth a response!


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