Suzuki Principles in Action?

Christine said: Sep 26, 2012
Christine Goodner
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Hillsboro, OR
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Has anyone here had experience taking this class? I am thinking about signing up for the February class and am interested in feedback about the class.

Thanks in advance!

Christine Goodner

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Nina Black said: Sep 27, 2012
Nina Black
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Modesto, CA
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I have been a Suzuki teacher since 1985 and this is, by far, the most helpful course I’ve ever taken! Take it! You will learn so much, and be reminded of so many things! The pre-course and post-course assignments were so helpful, and it kept what you learned with you for many months. It will change your teaching and your studio!

I took the course last November, and still think about it every day. I want to take it again!


Lori Bolt said: Sep 28, 2012
Lori Bolt
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San Clemente, CA
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I haven’t taken it yet, but have been checking for a class in southern CA. It sounds like just what I need all these years after starting my Suzuki journey.

Any soCal teachers out there—do you know of one in the works? I’d consider coming alongside to help someone organize a class (she said w/ trepidation!)

Lori Bolt

Gloria said: Oct 12, 2012
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I have taken the SPA twice. I took the first one that came out here in Boulder, Co, and I read the book from which the precourse assignment comes, Intelligent Music Teaching, which I continued reading and studying for month and months, until I decided to take the course again when it was in Denver.
This course showed me the way I was looking for, a way to step up my teaching ability to another level, with a method, a system. It set me in a direction of growth and challenge, so that my expectations of what I can do are quite different now. Of course, just taking the course will do nothing for you. You have to put it in practice, find ways to use the information and inspiration to make you change and improve.
The two presenters I heard were also quite different, and that was a big plus.

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