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Margot Jewell said: Sep 14, 2012
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Is there anyone who might be interested in writing an article in French for the American Suzuki Journal?

Kelly Williamson said: Sep 15, 2012
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I would, but have a tough time keeping up with the things that are already on my plate. :) I had a book 1 teacher workshop participant this summer who was from east of Quebec City. I’m going to ask her to write something for submission. She just emailed me about her first lessons, post-course, which should be a nice topic for an article.


Sandrine said: Sep 15, 2012
Orist, France
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oui je suis intéressé pour écrire des articles en Français dans le journal Suzuki.
yes i am interesting to write articles in French for the Americam Suzuki.

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Joanne Martin said: Oct 10, 2012
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Because some of the training I do is in France, it would be wonderful if I could have access to articles in French which I could share with my colleagues and trainees in France. Unfortunately my written French is not good enough for me to write an article.

Joanne Martin

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