Young Flute Student with an Underbite


Lisa said: Jul 30, 2012
Lisa Carlson
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Montpelier, VT
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Anyone have tips for a 5-year-old flute student with an underbite? She’s had 2 lessons so far, and she and Mom both also have a tendency toward shallow, upper-chest breathing. So far, we’ve done the basic stretches and mouth exercise, and have decided the rice spitting isn’t working for the moment in favor of focusing on air direction and awareness of mouth shape and efficient breathing. I’ve had them blowing through a straw, blowing bubbles, making monkey faces and noises, other animal sounds and shapes, just blowing—attempting to blow different directions, making faces in the mirror, worked with Mom briefly on diaphragm awareness, will start with the pneumo-pro soon, will try seeing if they can get the feeling of the breathing better lying on the back. Am also working with a dowel flute with finger/balance details to make sure there are multiple areas of focus to keep from frustration over a single focus on the challenging issue—that part is going well. Just 2 lessons so far, so hopeful about progress, but thought I’d see if anyone out there has had success with any other strategies in particular for an underbite. Many thanks! Lisa


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