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Emily Ann Peterson said: Jul 17, 2012
Emily Ann PetersonCello
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Hello beautiful fellow teachers!

I’ve recently been contacted by a Homeless Shelter for Young Adults regarding a really bright self-taught cellist. I’ve already had several lessons with him and would LOVE to have him as a student. I think he’s an ideal candidate for membership in my studio.

I’m considering asking for monthly donations to help support this student’s music education. Another non-profit has offered to “house” the donations so they can be tax-deductible for the donors.

Have any of you offered scholarships? Do you have any requirements for those students? Cautions? other thoughts?

Would love some seasoned advice!

~ Emily Ann

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Irene Mitchell said: Jul 18, 2012
Irene Mitchell
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how delightful, Emily, you have the opportunity to change his life!
Having given many ‘free’ lessons in the past, the takeaway lesson for me has been that if lessons are completely free, they are not valued by the student or parent.

With these families I find that bartering works well.. even if they make me food, or art, or clean up my flower beds, or organize my music cabinet… ANYTHING so that they realize that teaching is work for me, and my time and effort have value. (Caveat- I didn’t want them cleaning my house, because then the boundary between teacher/student has been crossed!)

And yes, asking for donations is also a good idea!
…but even if the donations are made, the child and parent need to buy into the lessons themselves.
good luck!

Irene Mitchell

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