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Kathleen Kono said: Jul 16, 2012
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Hi everyone, I am hoping that some of you could give your ideas on review schedules with Book V+ students. Do you have your students review back to book 1 to current book in one week, over the month? Do you pick the review pieces that would help current working pieces or skills? Right now I don’t have a stable plan, it depends by student. A couple are Reviewing a master list over the course of a month, a few only do the previous book. I am just looking for other ideas and guidance. Thanks in advance.

Jennifer Visick said: Jul 16, 2012
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Depends on the situation.

I would say—review as necessary, especially if basic skills that have been covered in books 1-3 are inexplicably missing. Or, give the student the choice of reviewing the skill in Suzuki repertoire or of working on etudes that cover that skill.

If you’re not using books 1-3 as etudes or what have you,
Review pieces the student is going to perform (say, at an institute, or a family gathering, or with a sibling or friend, or at large group concerts).

Review as a tool for teaching harmonization, comping, composing or improvising “off” of or “around” a certain piece; etc., etc.

Review if the student is going to be mentoring or teaching another less advanced student.

“Review” to teach more advanced versions of the same piece (e.g. using something like Gossec’s Gavotte as an encore piece)

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