Christina Merblum said: Jun 4, 2012
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I had the privelege of working with spectacular Suzuki pedagogues as a child and remain friendly with many of them to this day. Although it has since become an epidemic, the lack of health among teachers in the Suzuki community was present during my formative years and continues to be really staggering. Again, it is not across the board (i.e. Rodney Farrar), but it remains puzzling to me how people so dedicated to nurturing their students emotionally, intellectually, expressively and personally don’t see how they are also sending such poor messages of health. They could really lead by example. More and more teachers of my generation are incorporating yoga and embracing the importance of physical well being. I am aware as a dedicated long distance runner and long time athlete I bring a particular bias to the party, but it has always seemed like the white elephant in the room.

Barb said: Jun 4, 2012
Barb Ennis
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Christina, you make an excellent point. We should be setting good examples.

Since I began teaching four years ago I have found I have been SITTING all too much and need to make an effort to MOVE more. I am not over weight (nor as skinny as I used to be), but I am out of shape. Teaching can hardly be an excuse for me, though, because I only teach part-time!

I can see how teaching full time can make it hard to be active and eat in a healthy manner. I am amazed at the teachers who begin teaching in the before-school hours, then teach again from the time school gets out or earlier well into the evening. How do you feed yourself or your family?

I heard a documentary on the radio a year or two ago about how professional musicians tend to hide and play through pain and injury because it could be really tough to get a job if you’re known to have an injury, etc.

We really need to take care of ourselves as musicians—healthy bodies should be less prone to injury, back problems, etc., and should support our playing much better. I am careful to warn my students about over-doing, but do I encourage prevention through good health?

Now—I think I saw some walking program at our community center…. and next year we WILL start our groups with stretching…

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