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Jennifer Gray said: May 20, 2012
Jennifer Gray
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I’m wondering if anyone has any basic Suzuki information for parents that has been translated into Mandarin or Cantonese? There are many students in our area from both Hong Kong and mainland China, and often the parents rely on other parents or their children to translate for them. I would love to have some basic handouts about philosophy and basic points to share with them.

David Liu said: May 21, 2012
David Liu
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I am a Suzuki violin teacher at Community Music School of Webster University. I came from Taiwan. I will help you.

My email is : [javascript protected email address]


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David Liu
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Rosemary Walsh said: Mar 12, 2014
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I am a suzuki violin teacher in Melbourne Australia and I too would be delighted to get anything in Mandarin.

I am teaching quite a few very new immigrants from Mainland china with almost no English.

It's pretty challenging especially on the philosophy / parent ed aspect.

Phankao said: Mar 12, 2014
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There are books from Taiwan and China that you can get. Even Nurtured by Love, etc—they are all available in Chinese.

Sophie said: Mar 20, 2014
Sophie Chalk
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Nurtured by Love in Chinese:

You may also direct them to Taiwan Suzuki Method website:

Good Luck!

Jennifer Gray said: Mar 25, 2014
Jennifer Gray
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
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Thanks for all your suggestions! Certainly will look over the the Taiwanese website with a helpful interpreter so that I can use it as reference for my mandarin speakers/readers…….perhaps I can ask someone to bring back a copy of "Nurtured By Love" on their next trip back…..

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