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Donna said: May 5, 2012
Donna Granda
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Jackson, NJ
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I’m looking for music to play in the next violin group concert I’m having. Anything from beginner through book 5. I do have a few cellists that will be participating so a trio would work as well. I’d like to try something more upbeat.

Barb said: May 5, 2012
Barb Ennis
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Rounds and Canons (Starr) (This is also available for cello in same keys.) A WIDE variety of styles and levels here

Suzuki books 1-3 duets (2nd part) You could probably write a cello part based on the piano accompaniment.

Suzuki String Quartets Vol 1 (volumes 2 and 3 also available).

There are also ensemble books for the early Suzuki cello books which have duet and trio parts (and the odd quartet if I recall correctly) for cellos.

Rodney Farrar’s Fat Notes Cellobration for violin And Fat Notes Cellobration for cello I don’t know if these two books are compatible or not as I’ve never seen the violin version. I’m sure you could take the Twinklebell Canon and add the cello ostinato, though. Love the cello book and the CD!

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