Violin Book 1 in Korean Language?

Jennifer said: Apr 30, 2012
Jennifer Vinciguerra
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I have a potential student who is from Korea and not very confident with her English. I was wondering if the violin book 1 is available in Korean and where I might be able to purchase a copy online? I think it may help in her case to have a book with her own language in case there are things I am not able to explain due to the language barrier? Any help is appreciated!

Wendy Caron Zohar said: Apr 30, 2012
Wendy Caron Zohar
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New Comment on Violin Book 1 in Korean Language? from Jennifer

Hello Jennifer,

Perhaps it will help to share my experience. Being in a university town, I have had a number of students who came for limited stay from Korea, just to learn English or for family reasons, and who progressed very nicely in their playing. Some have since returned to Korea. The more advanced of them brought their Korean Suzuki books, with the same contents as the Suzuki books we are familiar with here, only they resembled the old editions (like our books from the 60’s), without tonalizations and exercises. Just the bare-bones pieces!

If this is what you want, you might see if there is a Korean Suzuki organization online and check if you can order Book One, though shipping may be quite expensive. But perhaps there exists a Korean translation of the SAA revised editions. Have you checked with the SAA?

My experience working with pre-Twinkle Korean children, even if they didn’t have English language skills yet, was that they didn’t need words to learn very effectively. Also the mothers didn’t speak English. But the children were so eager to learn! Without talking too much, I demonstrated posture, set up, and every movement physically, used much singing, set their hands and feet correctly, and praised them for correct imitation of all these skills. I had one of them playing “Arirang” within the first two months. If you want more ideas for working effectively with Korean children with limited English vocabulary, please feel welcome to contact me individually at my studio, 734 741-8750, or write to me at [javascript protected email address] .

Wendy Zohar

Wendy Caron Zohar

Merietta Oviatt said: May 1, 2012
Merietta Oviatt
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Yes—there are Suzuki books in Korean. They have green covers with gold (the violin). I would contact the SAA and see if they have resources for you to obtain them. It has been helpful for me with my Korean student.

Dr. Merietta Oviatt
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Aber Suzuki Center, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
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