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Friederike said: Apr 30, 2012
Friederike Lehrbass
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I have a groupclass scheduled today w/ 6 children: 2 pretwicklers ( 5 and 6 yrs old), 2 are just at Lightly Row ( 7 yrs old), one is end book 1 ( transfer student,plays also in school orchestra, but technical, posture problem etc,plays only ca 1 year, but plays also piano, 11 yrs old) 1 book 2 waltz, 9 yrs old.
Any ideas what I could do to help w/ better playing, but not to bore the older ones and not loose the younger ones. This is our first groupclass. I plan to only do them a few times a year, may be every 3 months or so? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Gabriela said: Apr 30, 2012
Gabriela BohnettViolin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Cello, Viola
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A game that seems to connect all my students even with different ages, levels and instruments is “Detective”. We play it like this:
Everyone is sitting in performance-style rows, on the floor, with their instruments in front of them on the ground, except for cellists, who are on chairs. I tell everyone to put on their biggest eyes and widest ears so they can see and hear all that I am doing and try to catch anything that might not be great about my playing, and then I get to playing position and begin to play, with a two or three obvious posture or technique problems. I play only a phrase of a song, and then hands go up in the air to point out what needs to be repaired (feet apart, violin on the shoulder, pinky round on bow hold, etc). You can create “awareness” to all sorts of playing problems or difficulties, playing one phrase at a time, and make the problems more and more refined as a slight misintonation passage, articulation, dynamics, etc.

I wish I didn’t have to run to my own group lesson and could share more pointers, but I hope this helps! We might be playing “detective” simultaneously in the two opposite coasts!

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Gabriela Bohnett

Gabriela Bohnett, Ed.D.
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