Studio chair?

Barb said: Apr 30, 2012
Barb Ennis
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I have a cello student who has one of the adjustable chairs like the one at Shar. It folds flat, but is a bit awkward to carry—you have to be careful not to pinch your fingers, yet hold it in a way that the seat doesn’t flop. The adjustment is totally mechanical—you just lift the seat and move it to the height you want. The lowest height is very close to a standard chair height.

I haven’t tried the other one, which looks more comfortable to me—especially the foot rest for when you are sitting higher. Seems like a good idea for teaching violin.

For teaching cello I am mostly at one height on a chair or sometimes on the floor in front of the younger ones. I like using a stool or piano bench I can swivel on—sometimes for demonstrating I like to turn to the side.

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