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Timothy Judd said: Apr 15, 2012
Timothy Judd
Suzuki Association Member
Glen Allen, VA
57 posts

My newest post features great video of music of Pachelbel, Handel and Bach:

Terri Parsons said: Apr 16, 2012
 Cello, Flute
15 posts

The poor cello in Pachelbel. We HATE playing that piece. Have you ever seen the Pachelbel rant on YouTube? It’s worth a look-see:

Terri Parsons
Cello/Flute Teacher
La T Da Music

Barb said: Apr 16, 2012
Barb Ennis
Suzuki Association Member
685 posts

And then there’s the Bart Simpson detention which has been making the rounds on Facebook.

But I have to confess to LOVING it—when I was playing with some incredible violinists… I just got into the zone and let their music carry me away.

Then I played it with a community orchestra and understood the rant.

Great blog, Timothy!

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