More than one Suzuki parent?

Arndis Gunnarsdottir said: Apr 11, 2012
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Does anyone here have an experience or advice they would like to share regarding a child having more than one “hometeacher” (Suzuki parents)? E.g. if parents don’t live together or if they both want to be involved.

Merietta Oviatt said: Apr 12, 2012
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Though only one “home teacher” is the best, if it just can’t be accomplished the next best thing is to record the lessons. There are wonderful flip cameras that are not too expensive and are easy to upload onto laptops. With each parent having a recording everyone will be on the same page and know exactly what to do.

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Rachel said: Jul 19, 2012
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Maybe you could divide the tasks. For example, one parent does warm-up and review pieces, the other (who attended the lesson that week) does a warm-up and working piece?

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