Relocating to Singapore—looking for teachers


said: Mar 29, 2012
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My family will be relocating to Singapore in August. Therefore I am looking for a violin and a cello teacher.
My daughter then 7 has been taking violin lesson for nearly three years. We have followed the Suzuki methode in some aspects, but also used the books from Sassmannhaus and other supplementary books. She is now in Book 2 of the Sassmannhaus School and has played half of the Suzuki pieces of book 1 (but of in the sequence of the book).
My son now 5 started on the cello last year and is starting to make some progress after a slow start. He is in book 1 of the Sassmannhaus School and has played a few children’s songs. Actually he is still a beginner and still trying to cope with mastering the motorics of the instrument.
I would appreciate recommendations for teacher(s) and would be happy if they would not only provide single lessons, but also group lessons.
Thanks for yur help.
Regards Rippe

David Liu said: Mar 29, 2012
David Liu
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Manchester, MO
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Sylvia Khoo
Block 118 #06-91
Clementine St 13
Singapore 120118

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David Liu
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Chesterfield, MO 63017

Joey said: Mar 29, 2012
Joey Lye
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Parkway Centre Singapore, Singapore
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You can also check out Juzmusic. We are situated at 2 locations.
Parkway Centre (EastCoast), Tanglin Mall (Central)

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