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Barb said: Feb 26, 2012
Barb Ennis
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A question for parents and teachers…

What is done in your studios to foster community including both students and their parents?

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Diana Nuttall said: Feb 26, 2012
Diana Nuttall
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Hi Barb2,
A feeling of being part of a community helps each child and family in their musical development. I do many things to foster this feeling between parents, for instance, today one of my families is hosting a Pot-Luck recital where 6 families are coming, to share food and music together. My students each will play but also their siblings, and any parent who plays an instrument is invited to play also. There will be two of these Pot-Lucks this week—students are mixed in terms of age and advancement. My Vol 7 and up students are each going to play a Volume One song as well as a piece of ther choice. I asked them to pick a piece that they loved to play when they were in Volume One and to play it at a Volume 8 or 9 level. This is so the parents and children can see a broader picture of development, and get a clearer idea of where they are going or come from.
These Pot-Lucks can be done differently: I have had Pot-luck play-ins at the beginning of the school year, or I have had group class performances and Pot-lucks. The “Pot-Luck” part is what really helps community feeling: there is so much talking and exchanging between parents, and the children play. The teens like to congregate and chat—and the little ones look on in awe!


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