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Hearing Colors in the Music of Michael Torke


Timothy Judd said: Jan 31, 2012
Timothy Judd
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Glen Allen, VA
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Diane said: Feb 1, 2012
Diane AllenViolin
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Funny that you posted this! I have a student who has synthesthesia. He’s only 5 and from the get go he’s had super charged listening powers. Last summer I checked him for pitch memory—at the time he did not display it. Recently he’s been telling his Mom the colors he sees while practicing. She’s been writing down at the top of each piece of music the colors he mentions. He’s also been drawing while listening but I haven’t seen any of the drawings yet. When the Mom asked me “what’s going on my kid sees colors?!” I re-checked his pitch memory. Sure enough—since last summer he’s developed it. D’s are all shades of brown—D, D# & Db—But I haven’t taught him Db yet—he’s in Suzuki Volume 1! But yet he knows it exists….

This is all recently unfolding. It’s exciting and fun. While this student is extraordinary—he’s also silly and fun. His Mom & I are going to document his comments and actions much more carefully now. It’s going to be a fun journey!

Smiles! Diane

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