Teaching Suzuki piano to my son without a teacher?

Francesco Faleschini said: Jan 24, 2012
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Hello. I live in an area in italy where no Suzuki teachers are there.

I would like that my son (now 2 years and 4 months old) starts Suzuki piano, but this is technically not possible (I cannot afford to drive 2 hours to reach the nearest teacher).

I am myself an organ player (I have a degree in pipe organ) and I studied piano for years (as a part of organ training but also because I was studying piano too. I am also an amateur violin player (I just started from scratch one year ago).

My initial idea was to introduce my son to violin, there is a strings music school (i am the president of this school) in the place where I live, but I realize my son prefers piano, so I would start him on the piano.

In that strings music school we are also thinking to introduce the Suzuki method, even if there are no officially trained teachers, anyway we read many books and shared ideas on musicians that have studied with the Suzuki method.

But for piano we don’t have such a plan, so I was wondering if the principles of the Suzuki method could be converted in an home-study. Group plauing and group lessons will not be there, but many many other concepts will be. For example listening to recordings, active parents, having a joyful experience, …

Somehow I could be the teacher and my wife the “parent”, then we can call grandma and give concerts to her.

My son is very musical, I often play when he is near me, I also bring him with me on the organ on sundays and I (and my wife) sing as much as I can to him (since he was born). As we listen to music (we have 5-6 CDs that we regularly listen) he can sing along with the music and he feels at home with that.

I also have a daughter, 3 months old, for her I was thinking of violin. I study violin everyday in the morning while she is with me, so the violin is something she listens to every day. Of course I don’t play as a pro, but we listen to Suzuki’s CDs too (we listen mostly to Book 1 CD now).

But while my daughter will join our “home made” Suzuki school at the Strings music school, my son won’t.

Of course I cannot be sure that “our” strings music school will succeed in Suzuki, but I feel it will. We are starting just now.

So my basic doubt is: make my son start violin even if it really looks like he prefers piano? In case of violin there is the school, in case of piano no school but I could be involved.

Could you please comment on this? Of course I am worried, I want the best for my kids and taking this responsability is not easy.

Thanks in advance.

Sandrine said: Jan 24, 2012
Orist, France
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I am a french teacher piano Suzuki and i did the training on USA, but a few years ago i went to a Suzuki teacher training on Lyon, in France, to observe only , and there was the European Suzuki Association, you can contact them to do some training , if you want only to observe the lessons it is possible, or to see where are any teachers. You Will learn so much on observer. Perhaps you already Know That, and perhaps To be on futur a Suzuki piano teacher.
I hope i help you anymore.


Lori Bolt said: Jan 25, 2012
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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Dear Francesco,

Your idea of being your son’s teacher while your wife takes the role of parent is great! Grandparents will be very happy to be included, I’m sure. So it seems the missing part of the Suzuki experience will be the group classes….I feel you can successfully begin without worry that this will harm your son’s training. I would encourage you to take whatever teacher training or observation is available as this is most important. You will learn how to work with your son and what to focus on in lessons, as well as what your wife can do to make a happy practice time. Also, your music school will be able to advertise Suzuki piano lesons by a trained teacher!
Then you will have your group classes ~

Buona Fortuna! (I hope I got that right or my Italian grandparents—if alive—would be ashamed!)

Lori Bolt

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