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Friederike said: Jan 15, 2012
Friederike Lehrbass
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Plano, TX
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What are the exact changes in book 4? I have not taken the training for it yet,but hope to have a chance this year or next year. Does the revised book 4 have a lot of changes? How much from it to relearn for myself? I will eventual buy it, but want to know how urgent it is for myself to get it.Thanks Friederike

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Diane said: Jan 15, 2012
Diane AllenViolin
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The biggest change—the addition of Perpetual Motion!

I like the revised book for these reasons (in random order):
- easier to read
- better use of finger numbers
- Bach double printed with the violin 1 part

One thing that really perplexes me is why the Vivaldi a minor mvt. 1 still has weird notes in it. The melodic minor scale sounds really weird to me to keep the accidentals on the descending scale. I was hoping this would be remedied in the new addition.

Smiles! Diane

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