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Carol Kiefer said: Jan 9, 2012
Carol Kiefer
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Washington Crossing, PA
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“I want to give my violin to a child in need. Where do I start to look?” I really haven’t a good answer to this question so thought I’d post it out there to anyone with some information.

Carol Kiefer
violin & viola teacher

Cynthia Faisst said: Jan 9, 2012
Cynthia FaisstViolin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Irvine, CA
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You are so kind to be thinking of a worthy place to donate your violin.

I am director of an Urban Suzuki Violin program at an arts non-profit which serves special needs children and under served students in Santa Ana, CA. Santa Ana Suzuki Strings provides Suzuki Violin program at , Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center.

Non profit string programs which provide string instruction to under served students are greatly challenged in this economy to provide suitable instruments for their students.

Our program has received donations for large and full size instruments left behind by more affluent students who have left home to pursue careers outside of music. We have found it especially difficult to find funding for smaller Suzuki size instruments which would be suitable for Preschoolers and grade schoolers, violin sizes from 1/32-1/4 that can stay in tune.

Since you are in PA I can think of several urban music programs that I have been observing on Facebook which would be so grateful for such a violin. One of them is in Allentown, PA. Another in Philly.

Most manufacturers of student violins seem to have no vision for the needs of urban string programs. Most of them want to donate full size violins to students who don’t exist because there are such few opportunities for under served families to find either affordable violins in small sizes or qualified instruction in their communities. It is rather putting the cart before the horse when you expect qualified high school students to appear from these communities ready to play full size violins.

Even to obtain a near affordable purchase price for say a 1/32 violin my executive director and families from our program are faced with ordering dozens of instruments at a time. Too many of our PreTwinkle alumni have gone on to other activities because we don’t have instruments for them to continue on.

Ms. Cynthia
Talent Education Center: Suzuki Violin
Director of Santa Ana Suzuki Strings located at the
Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center
Volunteer, bring music to under-served communities around the world. Create Sound Investments and Futures.

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