Piano Student w/Dwarfism

Lori Bolt said: Dec 6, 2011
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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I’ve had an inquiry about piano lessons for a 10 yr.old boy with Dwarfism. I believe I will be able to work well with him—I assured his mom I’d find ways to accomodate his small hands. That being said, I can use any advice or understanding that any of you may have about teaching a child with this handicap—particularly as it relates to using his hands to play.


Lori Bolt

Cleo Ann Brimhall said: Dec 7, 2011
Cleo Ann BrimhallTeacher Trainer
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West Jordan, UT
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I have not had any experience with this particular situation. But we did have a good demonstration of the 7/8 size keyboard at a recent SAA convention. I have heard of these keyboards in several professional activities since that time. It would be a good place to begin.


Carol Rohan said: Dec 8, 2011
Carol RohanPiano, Voice
San Diego, CA
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I have taught piano students with ADD and if they take there medicine that day they are fine, but I don’t know about the dwarfism.

Lori Bolt said: Dec 8, 2011
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
262 posts

I’ll have to look into the 7/8 sz. keyboard, but I’ll need to expect that he’ll be on a full sz. instrument as his non-handicapped brother may also sign on for lessons.

Lori Bolt

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