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Tiffany said: Nov 15, 2011
Tiffany Osborn
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Hi All!

I’ve recently been challenged with teaching a beginning orchestra in an underprivileged high school- I don’t have any training in this area, but between me and the band teacher, at least I know how to hold the instruments! But I need help.

We are going to order a method book- which one do you guys like? All for Strings? Essential Elements? What else is out there? Any other advice on teaching 4 different instruments all at once? We only get to meet once a week, and they don’t get to take their instruments home.

Definitely not an ideal situation, but I’m all they’ve got right now, and I’m determined to do my best and make it work!


Eleanor Bennett said: Nov 15, 2011
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Essential Elements 2000 is great!

Eleanor Bennett

Laura Fleming said: Nov 17, 2011
Laura FlemingViolin
Pasadena, CA
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You might want to check out “Learning Together” by Laurie Scott, William Dick, and Winifred Crock (written for violin, viola, cello, and bass). The book also comes with a CD. The book “Mastery for Strings” (by W. Dick and L. Scott) is a great companion for teachers as well. This is the method used for Suzuki in the Schools.

Kathleen Kono said: Dec 13, 2011
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When I taught beginner orchestra I did a combination of mastery for strings (Laurie Scott/bill dick), essential elements 2000 book one and several of the Suzuki pieces from book one in their intended keys. You will find that the method books take forever to introduce the “outer strings e,g,c). While you are working with the violins, the viola, cello, bass players can do theory fun sheets and vice versa.

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