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Orcun Guneser said: Nov 15, 2011
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Hello everyone,

I am writing an article about the comparison of Suzuki Method and the Turkish traditional art education method called “meşk” (meshk). What i want to ask is a statistical information indeed. Can you give me any information/source (I’d appreciate if you cite) about;

How many Suzuki schools there are, worldwide?
in which countries ?
How many stundents are being educated by Suzuki method right now?
How many students had been educated ?
and how many teachers also…

I was the demographics of SAA. I’d glad if you share the information about the whole world.

Sincere thanks…

Jennifer Visick said: Nov 16, 2011
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Difficult if not impossible to answer, since I don’t think we have anything like a central Suzuki census…

You would have to gather information from each branch of the International Suzuki Association about the programs, schools and teachers in the regions they oversee, for a start. But, for example, in California we have the Suzuki Music Association of California, but it’s not affiliated with the SAA; and there are many Suzuki teachers or Suzuki-influenced programs that aren’t “official” chapters or schools or branches of any Suzuki Association.

I think the most you could do—after a lot of emailing and phoning and letter writing—would be to say “there are at least this many”—or “there have been at least this many”—you’d never be able to say for sure that there aren’t more you hadn’t discovered yet.

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