Need Fundraising Ideas for Kiddos

Diane said: Nov 2, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
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We’re hiring violinist/rock ‘n roller Aaron Meyer for a workshop this year. I’ve never had fundraisers before but we’re going to need one to afford Aaron. It’s going to be a blast!

I’ve heard of play-a-thons and things that would involve kids participation on their instrument. I far prefer this kind of fundraising over selling candy! Only problem is—I don’t know how to run such an event. Also—where we live there really isn’t a Mall!!! It’s also too cold to play outside.

OK guys—bring it on……………

Smiles! Diane

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Jennifer Visick said: Nov 2, 2011
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We usually do a “practice-a-thon”—we settle on an appropriate unit of practice time (different for each book level, with age also factored in for the youngest ones), and then have students ask people to sponsor them per unit of practice time that they do for a given week of practicing. (Also, they can get flat rate sponsors, as with any “a-thon” type of fundraiser).

Deanna said: Nov 2, 2011
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You could also do a benefit concert. Perform with some colleagues but maybe have a few students play too. Admission could be by donation or with a set price. You could also call around to see if a local business (or two or three) is willing to pay for renting the recital venue in return for adverstising in the program or on the bulletin board at your studio. That way all the money raised could go to the workshop.

Diane said: Nov 3, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
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Super ideas. This is a whole new education for me!

Smiles! diane

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Maria Stefanova-Mar said: Dec 21, 2011
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Sorry to be responding quite late on this post… Many businesses have fundraising packages. They would organize a fundraising night and they would donate up to 20% of the restaurant profit on a given night.
I have done music nights for my program at a local coffee place and the students also did a play-a-thon there. It worked very well for us. The parents loved it, because they got to “go out” to a favorite restaurant and support the program at the same time.

Diane said: Dec 22, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
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We had 2 fundraisers this month:

4-H had a holiday craft/garage sale. We bought a booth for $30. Over the course of the weekend violin students showed up at the booth and played music with an open violin case to collect money. It was a great experience for the kids to go and play in a different environment. The other folks running booths were extremely grateful for the live music and said that it made a big difference for them to be there that weekend. We made about $100.

The other fundraiser was a Practice-a-thon where students got sponsors to pay for 15 minute increments of practicing. I have not heard the results of this fundraiser yet but I do know that 2 girls told me that they were easily going to bring in over $100 each.

The most amazing thing of it all? My students parents really took the ball and ran with the fundraising. I hardly had to do anything. In addition the kids are bonding in a different way since we are united for a cause.

The cause and the fundraising? It’s all to pay for a workshop with Aaron Meyer—rock violinist. His Dad was Sarah Chang’s violin teacher when she was little. Aaron has his feet in both worlds—classical & rock. He’s got the hair and the electronic equipement of a rock star but he talks like a classical musician—”work on your scales and technique” etc. Our workshop will be changing the groove to music we already know, improvisation and composition. When it’s all over I’m sure I’ll report!

Big Smiles of Excitement! Diane

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