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Timothy Judd said: Oct 30, 2011
Timothy Judd
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Join the Listeners’ Club and enjoy the music and discussion!

Barb said: Oct 31, 2011
Barb Ennis
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That’s great, thanks, Timothy!

I encourage my students to branch out in their listening to become familiar with cello and orchestral works and composers by posting a Video of the Week on my Music Teacher’s Helper website. I embed one from YouTube and ask a few questions for them to answer at their next lessons. Sometimes the question is just there to let me know they watched it, and sometimes they have to do a little research on a composer. Sometimes the questions make them either watch or listen carefully for something in particular much like the questions you have. Sometimes I have two different levels of questions—one for the youngest students and one for the older ones. The last few years I’ve been putting things up randomly, but this year I am trying to stick with a theme more. Last month we had several videos of Bach’s Prelude from his first cello suite. For November we are jumping into Beethoven’s 6th Symphony.

If anyone would like instructions on embedding video on their websites or blogs, let me know.

I hope that my students who aren’t yet doing so, will eventually do more in depth listening such as you are encouraging. I know I love to listen to something over and over when I find something I enjoy, to really get to know it. I hear more each time. And sometimes when I listen to something over and over I like it more in time, even if I didn’t care that much for it at the start.

Having a Listening Club is a great idea!

Music Teachers Helper—for individual teachers
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