Suzuki in Cuenca, Ecuador


Christina Brandle said: Oct 11, 2011
Christina BrandleViolin
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I am a Suzuki teacher (violin) and have read a lot about Suzuki in South America, but have not seen any postings about teachers, programs or any other Suzuki related stuff happening in Ecuador.

Does anyone have information or contacts for Cuenca, the second largest city in Ecuador, a city in which there are four universities? There must be music of some kind being studied there, or?

I plan to move to Cuenca next year and would love to teach Suzuki violin, or at least enroll my children in a program (they both play the violin and the piano). Thanks to anyone who might be able to help!

Brian Gary said: Oct 31, 2011
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Hello Christina

I’ve lived in Cuenca for just over a year now and though there are many music schools and conservatories here to enroll your kids for piano or violin lessons, I haven’t seen a Suzuki or Yamaha school here.

By the way, Cuenca is the 3rd largest city with Guayaquil being the largest, followed by Quito, with Cuenca being a distant third. Personally, my family and I love it here. This might be a good place to start a Suzuki program. By the way, there are many

For private piano lessons:

I’ve had dinner several times with the conductor for the Cuenca Symphony and I’ll ask him if he has any violin teachers that he would recommend.


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Janet said: Nov 28, 2011
Janet KavanaghViola, Violin
Sugar Land, TX
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I , too, am thinking about relocating to Ecuador, and possibly Cuenca. I taught pure Suzuki earlier in my career, and most recently have taught orchestra, and mostly advanced private students, using Suzuki method for my beginners. I would love to teach Suzuki there. Please share if you’ve gleaned any info and responses.


Janet Kavanagh
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Christina Brandle said: Jul 26, 2012
Christina BrandleViolin
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Well, it is really happening. We are leaving for Cuenca and should be there next week (Aug.)
Our adventure begins! I will try to be in touch with you both once we get settled. Brian, any chance of my playing in the symphony?

Lucrecia Choto said: Aug 3, 2012
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Hello Christina, Janet and Brian,

My family and I will be relocating to Cuenca temporarily from January 2013 through April 2013. I will be leading a study abroad group for my current position. My children will be coming with me. My 10 year old daughter is currently in book 3 and my 7 year old son is completing book 1 this month. I am looking for a Suzuki trained teacher. If any or all of you will be in Cuenca during the period discussed above I would really appreciate hearing from you and any ideas you may have so that my children may continue with their Suzuki training while Cuenca.

Thank you!

Lucrecia E. Choto
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Christina Brandle said: Aug 3, 2012
Christina BrandleViolin
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Unfortunately I and my family will be leaving Cuenca mid-January, 2013, so although I am a Suzuki trained teacher, I cannot help with your children. Try gringotree (cuenca) and there you should be able to post requests and I get the feeling that all the expats in the city here read it. If I come up with any other options that I think will be of interest, I’ll let you know. My girls and I are playing our violins at a restaurant tomorrow just for fun.

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