Tips for slipping shoulder sponge.

Sue Hunt said: Oct 7, 2011
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Does your child have difficulty in holding a violin or viola in playing position?

  1. Make sure you have the correct size for your child. It should fill in the gaps under the instrument, so that it can stay balanced on the shoulder.
  2. Check that the elastic holding it on the instrument is strong enough.
  3. Wrap a piece of rubber shelf liner round it. It will stop anything from sliding.
  4. Most importantly, check that your child isn’t clamping the instrument between chin and shoulder. This habit squeezes the instrument out of position, like a pea from a pod. Practice every day for a few seconds. Get your child to hold the instrument in playing position with soft shoulders and chin both hands down. Ask for the chin to be so light, that the instrument almost drops on the floor. ALWAYS PUT YOUR HAND UNDER THE INSTRUMENT TO CATCH IT. Some children will call your bluff. A few seconds a day should remind the muscles to let go.
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