Where love is deep book

Deanna said: Sep 22, 2011
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Does anybody know where I could buy the book: “Where love is deep”? I think it’s out of print. There are third party sellers on Amazon and a couple on Abe books but they’re selling is for $200. It should only cost about $20 I think.
Is there any way that the SAA could reprint it and/or sell it in their online store?

Pam Brasch said: Sep 22, 2011
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Where Love is Deep would be valuable to have in print again.
I will look into who holds the rights to the publication and whether it’s available to be reprinted through Alfred under the Summy-Birchard label.

Deanna said: Sep 23, 2011
Suzuki Association Member
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That would be great! Thanks Pam!

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