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Barb said: Sep 1, 2011
Barb Ennis
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See where it says “store” on the bar above? Been there lately? I went shopping for the Nurtured by Love DVD and visited the sale page (among others) and found the Parents as Partners 2006 DVD is only $25 (there is a sample of Edmund Sprunger’s talk on the website), and that I could throw in several minijournals (1 cent each) without adding to the postage charge.

My parents will be able to borrow the DVDs from my library, or we might have a few inspiration nights this year. Maybe the parents will watch a DVD and the students will make therapy putty? And after I enjoy the minijournals they will be available for the parents as well. Actually, they threw in a few bonus doubles, so those can go out right away. :-)

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