Recording a child

Sue Hunt said: Aug 25, 2011
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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Has anyone had enthusiastic, positive feedback from children after they have been recorded?

I hear so many sad stories about adults hearing themselves for the first time, that I am nervous of recording my pupils.

Music in Practice

Diane said: Aug 25, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
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My students absolutely LOVE it when I bring out the video camera. I could ask for a straight bow a zillion times but a quick video check and they see their own crooked bow… priceless!

They also love having their recital videos posted online and are much better practicers with guided video practice at home.
The initial purpose of this website was to create a place where kids can have an online video experience and not be on Youtube. Although my videos are hosted on Youtube they are organized on the website and can all be viewed on the website. Of course you can see them on Youtube but it’s disorganized. All ratings and commenting options are turned off as well to keep kids from the ugliness that sometimes occurs on Youtube.

Videos of student violin recitals and violin tutorials.

Kim said: Aug 25, 2011
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My kids LOVE to be recorded. We have about 50 videos on youtube the grandparents like to check out. When our practices need a boost, we bring out the video camera! We haven’t had any problem using you tube.

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