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Rachel Schott said: Jul 27, 2011
Rachel SchottViolin
Harrogate, TN
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As a member of the SAA I deeply respect the process of formal teacher-training. But there’s something missing.

How can we form real, honest, relationships with the teachers who surely deserve to be but are not ‘trainers’? There are teachers in every community who worked with Suzuki, who have a deep and abiding love for the philosophy, who have been teaching for decades, and yet their wisdom is out of reach and under-appreciated through the formal system.

The certificate IS important, the regulation of the system IS valuable. How do we expand it to include real life mentorships? (The kind you don’t pay for…)

Patricia said: Jul 27, 2011
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
Martinsville, NJ
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I agree with you Rachel.
I have been studying, running a weekend festival, going to institutes for a long time…. Not only are there teachers out there that aren’t trainers but should be—There are Trainers out there that shouldn’t be. (sorry, SAA, but I have seen some teacher trainers that I could teach a bit too?).
I just go to the teachers that are really good—Dr. Starr, Dr. Kendall (may he rest in peace), Alice Joy Lewis, Brian Lewis, Linda Fiore, Terri Eindfeldt, Timothy Durbin, James Stern, Ronda Cole oh there are so many really good trainers and then the trainers that aren’t very good or are so egotistical you can’t stand them—stay away from them. I won’t name my list—maybe they have changed?

Lori Bolt said: Jul 27, 2011
Lori Bolt
Suzuki Association Member
San Clemente, CA
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I also agree that mentorships would be a great addition to SAA’s formal teacher training program. Working to take workshops or attend Institutes for Suzuki training is the ideal, and should be encouraged, however some new Suzuki teachers (or teachers considering joining the “fold”) have no current means to take certification courses. Certainly, established teachers could also benefit from some occasional mentorship as well. I should think that Mentor Teachers could be screened for qualifications (certifications, membership time in SAA, teaching experience…) and a list developed.

I actually became a Suzuki teacher, and was encouraged to begin teacher training, by another Suzuki teacher I knew. I observed her lessons at her request, read materials she loaned me, and was taken to observe a day an an Institute….and here I am!

Lori Bolt

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