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Leslie said: Jul 26, 2011
Leslie ThackerayInstitute Director
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I’m looking for some ideas for my Christmas recital this year. I always seem to do the same music which is good because it means that the kids don’t need to learn a heap of music every year, but they still have the Christmas music in their repertoire, but I’m looking for something to change things up. I have a small studio of about 15 students and I combine with another studio of about the same size. What are your ideas?

Leslie Thackeray
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Irene Mitchell said: Jul 26, 2011
Irene Mitchell
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Mark Mutter’s Shalom Chaverim/Twinkle medley was the hit of my holiday program last year! It’s hauntingly beautiful… Rodney Farrar’s Fat Note Banks of Babylon & Pachelbel variations ‘twinklebell canon’ are lovely, and the two Christmas Kaleidoscope for Strings books are easy winners.

Irene Mitchell

Barb said: Jul 28, 2011
Barb Ennis
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You could try taking your recital into the community, maybe by making it a caroling-in-the-mall or in-a-school experience. By moving from location to location or strolling they can also repeat some favorites and a wide repertoire wouldn’t be necessary.

We are getting Cello Time Christmas (Oxford University Press) this year which has a nice assortment of easy carols including a few lesser-known ones. It is available as Fiddle Time Christmas for violin (and there’s one for viola), comes with CD, and includes words, guitar chords on many pieces. I’m not sure about the violin book, but the cello one includes some duets. Piano accompaniment also available. Some of the pieces are compatible violin-viola-cello, but not all.

Rodney Farrar’s Fat Notes Cellobration has a great O Come Little Children (Nigh’ Nigh’ Boo Boo) 3 part arrangement which was a hit at our Christmas party last year. I simplified the low pizz. accompaniment for the beginners who didn’t yet know O Come. I don’t know if there is a violin version, but based on Irene’s post above it sounds like there might be. We also did the Tell Rhoda 3 part arrangement and some other solos even though they weren’t Christmas pieces!

I look forward to seeing more ideas!

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