Amy B

Amy said: Jul 19, 2011
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I’ve recently discovered that when talking with parents of prospective students, I typically do pretty well explaining the commitment necessary from the family in order for music lessons to be a truly nurturing experience for the child. I am pathetic at convincing them that the commitment is worth the effort. Any suggestions?

Lori Bolt said: Jul 19, 2011
Lori Bolt
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San Clemente, CA
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How about inviting the parent to your next group class where she can observe you and your students, as well as mingle with the current parents. I often hear parents talking about the value of lessons at this kind of gathering, so might be just the thing to convince a prospective parent. Also, be sincerely enthusiastic yourself about the worth of the commitment. If you’re convinced and infectious, I think they will catch the Suzuki spirit from you!

Lori Bolt

Brenda Lee Villard said: Jul 19, 2011
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Edina, MN
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In my studio, it’s mandatory for all perspective new families to observe 2 private lessons and a group class. If they balk at that request, then chances are they will have trouble committing to my program. I find that those are the ones that generally don’t want to be that serious and walk away before we get too far along. I also have all the studio policies and expectations typed up for them to read and discuss with the spouse at home. That helps me to stay organized and to be completely upfront with them about what to expect. The ones that do the 3 observations willingly, plus read all the material, are nearly always the “keepers!!”

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