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Amy said: Jul 13, 2011
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I’ve recently discovered that when talking with parents of prospective
students, I typically do pretty well explaining the commitment necessary
from them in order for violin lessons to be a truly nurturing experience
for the child. I am pathetic at convincing them that the commitment is
worth the effort. Any ideas on talking with parents of potential students?

Sue Hunt said: Jul 13, 2011
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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Easy does it. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to hear everything at once.

Have you tried to emphasise how much fun they will get out of their violin lessons WHEN they put in the commitment? Start small. Break it down into 3 things at the most, on which you absolutely insist. You may have a breakthrough.

I insist on 2 things before parent lessons start:
1. That they read Nurtured by Love
2. That they play the CD every day (I give them a simple programme)
Only when they have done the first and when they report that the listening programme is up and running, do we start.

This way, they know that I mean what I say. This does make it a bit easier to add on other essentials such as daily practice, specific honest positive comments etc.

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Rachel Schott said: Jul 13, 2011
Rachel SchottViolin
Harrogate, TN
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Observation, baby! Keep saying ‘this will all make sense when you come and watch for a few hours…’

I think we take the “wow” factor for granted because we see it everyday but kids playing the violin really is something!

Diane said: Jul 14, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
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I second Rachel’s motion! Observation is key. Having parents chit chat with each other—huge!

Smiles! Diane

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