Session Proposals

Sessions are the cornerstone of the conference: a wealth of knowledge and inspiration on a wide range of topics

Most presentations, though more specific, fall into these general categories:

  • Suzuki instrument area topics
  • Cross-instrument area topics
  • Suzuki Early Childhood Education
  • Suzuki in the Schools

Types of topics frequently presented:

  • Community building
  • Communication
  • Composition, Theory, Music History
  • Excellence
  • Group Classes, Ensembles
  • Health & Wellness
  • Outreach, Community Service
  • Parent Education
  • Reading
  • Research (pertinent to Suzuki education)
  • Special Needs
  • Studio Ideas/Studio Management
  • Suzuki Philosophy
  • Suzuki Heritage
  • Teaching Tools
  • Technique
  • Technology
  • Workshops & Events

Formats may include lectures, demonstrations, interactive playing sessions, and panel discussions. Interactive sessions and sessions providing playing opportunities for audience participants are highly encouraged. Handouts will be uploaded to the SAA site in advance, to support limited use of technology in sessions.


What are your ideas for “Learning Suzuki-Style” in 2020?

Here are just a few thoughts about this topic as we explore the essence of Suzuki education:

  • Listening as a whole family activity
  • From listening to singing: music from the inside out
  • Joys and benefits of starting Suzuki with the very young child
  • Group class in the studio including heterogeneous options with mixed ages, levels, or instruments
  • Keeping the parent engaged and helping them really understand and support the process
  • Group lessons as opposed to group classes; where true teaching takes place.
  • Incorporating Suzuki Early Childhood Education in your program
  • Encouraging attendance at institutes and weekend workshops
  • Leaning to respect all parts of the triangle
  • Being a respectful and committed role model for your studio families
  • Developing note-reading skills
  • Leaning to respect all parts of the triangle
  • Incorporating review successfully
  • Prioritizing the components of a lesson both in the lesson and for the home practice.
  • Developing a Suzuki orchestra or ensemble program
  • Ways to include students with special needs into your program
  • Getting started with Suzuki in the Schools in your community
  • How to incorporate and embrace new technology into teaching and home practice
  • Best practices for incorporating supplemental music
  • Ideas for outreach within your community and beyond
  • Working amid cultural and economic diversity to spread Suzuki education
  • Why graduation recitals may be worth the effort!
  • Building a supportive community within your program
  • Role of the parent in Suzuki teaching today
  • Teacher as a model of life-long learning
  • Excellence with a smile
  • Character development from the start
  • Do you ever stop being a Suzuki student?

If you would like to share an area of expertise through a session presentation at the Conference, the submission form is available on the website. Sessions will be considered for 50- or 25-minute times. Please note that conference session proposals may also be recommended for meeting other SAA needs—Journal articles, online presentations, newsletter items, etc.

All proposals are due October 30, 2019.

Online application form will be available soon.