Introduction to Character Strengths and Positive Psychology

Yumi Kendall will offer a short session, Introduction to Character Strengths, for everyone on Thursday evening. In advance SAA will collect participants’ top 3 Character Strengths as measured by the Via Character survey to create an SAA profile—just for fun! We will let you know how to submit your survey results to us prior to the Conference.

Then on Friday evening Yumi Kendall will offer a (1.5 hr) combination session + workshop will focus on character strengths, an area of social science and positive psychology that is also at the heart of Suzuki education. Expect to take away an understanding of what character strengths are, how they are relevant in both philosophy and application to Suzuki education, how they can help (or hinder) people, how they can be cultivated, and in what settings. Additionally, we will discuss a case study, as well as explore personal reflective exercises for self-application.

Prior to the conference, please complete this free, validated and reliable character strengths survey, and please take note of your top three character strengths from your personal survey results. (